LB Processors is committed to producing the highest quality finished specialty oil products for your application.  Our State of Tennessee approved food processing facility is kept at the highest standards of cleanliness.  As such:

  • LB Processors will weigh and closely inspect crude fat upon arrival at the oil facility. Any portion that is rejected will be returned COD or disposed of at customer’s request.
  • All fat must be from birds that have not received antibiotics or worming medicine in the last 6 months. A disclaimer must be signed and on record before fat will be rendered.
  • All waste of fat from rendering and refining is the property of LB Processors.
  • LB Processors makes no guarantee to the percentage of yield.
  • An analytical report is provided at no additional charge.
  • Rendering and refining cost includes grinding the fat.
  • Prices may not include shipping.

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