LB Processors, LLC: Founded as a Farming Business

LB Processors, LLC was founded by a industrious, hard-working couple who had been raising emus in the beautiful hills of Tennessee since early 1992. At the urging of a friend for whom they were marketing emu oil, they started rendering fat from their own birds.  After harvesting the birds, the fat would generally end up in the freezer.  While experimenting with the rendering of emu fat, it was quickly realized that many steps would be necessary to create emu oil that could be sold to the public.

There was no blueprint for this work; no published research to study or best practices to follow.  No one had ever precisely refined emu oil before.  Two years of constant research went into the processing of oils, learning every step of the way.  Progressing out of the existing cramped lab and workspace, a small cooker and a filtration system were purchased and a larger lab was created by reconstructing the hatching facility.

In early 1995, the emu industry gained a USDA stamp of approval, and this certainly helped the industry move ahead.  Selling meat to local markets by day and working to produce quality emu oil by night was no easy task.   The owner’s past years of experience in designing automated electrical and control systems for water treatment plants paved the way to develop a system to render the oil without separation. Finally, after years of sleepless nights, a rendered oil with no odor was developed–creamy and light in color, and it could be reproduced at will.

By August of 1996, we began custom rendering for others. However, with no consistency in the fat that was being brought in, they had to rethink the refining part of the business.  Our CEO attended the first Texas A & M workshop for Ratite Oil and then joined the American Oil Chemist Society in January of 1997 to get the inside scoop of researching and processing in the oil industry.  He also served as a board member of the American Emu Association from 1999 to 2003 as the head of oil research.

The knowledge of refining specialty oils that was gained through these associations and the years of experience inspired a complete redesign–upgrading the refinery and every piece of equipment.  By 2003, LB Processors had become known around the world for the quality of emu oil produced.

Today, LB Processors is equipped to refine an unlimited number of vegetable and animal sourced specialty oils.  We have clients throughout the United States, Russia, Germany, Thailand, Israel, Chile, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, England, Argentina, Australia, and Canada in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food product, and soap making industries.  We refine over 25,000 gallons of oil each year and have the capacity to produce much more.  We are proud of our family-owned business, our employees, our humble beginnings, and our unwavering faith in God.


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