LB Processors has researched, extensively tested, and implemented an exclusive winterization process to have a transparent, clear emu oil.  After several days in storage, unprocessed emu oil will naturally separate into two layers; a bottom layer of pearly white high-melting point stearins and an upper layer of low-melting point unsaturated oleins, which is transparent.  This phenomenon also occurs in some vegetable oils including cottonseed, corn, and sunflower oils.  The development of a stearin fraction in these products is considered undesirable as it can affect the clarity of the final product.

If these layers have already formed in oils we receive from our clients, LB Processors can use a custom designed method of removing them.  This includes chilling the product and then removing the stearin layer via intense filtration.  The resulting finished product can still be used in final products requiring crystal clear refined oil, including clear salad oils.  This method can also be used on animal sourced oils, such as emu oil.

LB Processors has also developed a method from extensive research to keep these two layers from seperating. This gives the oil a more consistant texture.


Both of the above methods adhere to our philosophy of using only all-natural methods and harsh chemicals are not used in this filtration process.