In our all-natural process, the fat is first specially rendered to clean and prepare the oil for final processing. This step is very important. Insufficient rendering of the fat will affect the color and stability of the final product and prevent it from being considered “top grade”.

After rendering, the oil is ready to begin the refining process.  Emu oil, being low on soaps (formed by long chain free fatty acids), does not require a harsh chemical refining process. Instead, a process called “physical refining” is adequate for preserving the oil and purifies it with no odor.  Physical refining uses natural clays to absorb impurities, known as the bleaching step.

After bleaching, the oil is deodorized to remove pesticides, hormones and oxidized components. LB Processors uses a vacuum deodorizer. This technology is used widely in food processing and has a long history of being the most effective and efficient method to produce the safest possible product by bringing the oil to proper temperatures, which ensures complete sterilization. Being from an animal source, it is important that emu oil is brought to an acceptable temperature for a precise period of time, as this ensures any bacteria or contaminates are removed.

In our final step, the finished emu oil is carefully handled to ensure a creamy product with no separation. This process is completed under FDA defined  HACCP and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for food products.

Our on site lab is used to perform testing throughout each step to enable preparation of a more consistent product by adjusting the process to the unique characteristics of each batch of oil. All of our refined emu oil is independently tested and approved by a certified AOCS chemist according to the American Emu Association Trade Rules and carries the AEA “Certified Fully Refined” Seal.