physical-refiningOur proprietary method of physically refining vegetable and animal oils, including emu oil, uses a carefully balanced mixture of temperature, pressure, time, and natural clays in order to maximize finished oil quality and yield.  We have discovered this process through exhaustive research and lab testing and finely tuned it to ensure the highest quality oils in the industry.

While some types of oil require a chemical process (such as soybean oil), we avoid them when possible.  Our proprietary physical refining is not only much more economical and efficient than chemical refining, but also causes no pollution through waste water and exhaust air.

In our two-step physical refining process, we first treat the oil with natural clays (also called bleaching) under low absolute pressure at high temperatures.  Impurities, pigments, and bacteria are absorbed onto these clays and then removed through filtration.

The second step includes use of our vacuum deodorizer. This technology is widely used in food processing and has a long history of being the most effective and efficient method of producing a safe, sterile, consumable product. The vacuum deodorizer works by bringing the oil to a proper temperature to ensure sterilization by removing bacteria and other impurities.

We follow and surpass all FDA recommended best practices for food products and all of our emu oil carries the American Emu Association “Certified Fully Refined” seal.  Finally, our on site lab enables us to perfectly balance the process to produce a more consistent, higher quality product and is independently tested by a certified AOCS chemist.